Mango Juice: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects By Dr. Siddharth Gupta

Summer is the season whilst all hail ”the king of culmination”, the delicious mango. Loved via almost all, is also can be stated to be irresistible. Grown mainly in tropical and subtropical areas, the mango tree is in reality the country wide tree of Bangladesh and the fruit is the country wide fruit of each India and Philippines. Now you realize why each person desperately awaits summers and cant wait to sink of their teeth into the juicy yellow mangoes!


The scientific name of the species native to India and Southeast Asia is Mangifera indica L. And it belongs to the circle of relatives Anacardiaceae. Given the large demand, mango is likewise now being grown in Central America, Australia, Europe and Africa. It has been grown in India and Southeast Asia for around 4000 years and there are over a thousand kinds of mangoes, out of which only a few are being produced on a commercial scale.1

Mango has an exceptional flavour, sweet taste and might even have numerous health benefits. It is ate up in both the ripe and unripe bureaucracy. Used for making pickles, chutneys, vinegar, cakes and drinks,2 mango is one of the popular foods. Mango juice is also a famous refreshing beverage. The diverse nutrients found in it and the capacity uses of mango juice for its health benefits are manifold. Read on to realize more.

Nutritional Value of Mango Juice:
Mango juice contains a total strength of 52 Kcal. The dietary fee of mango juice is as follows:

Nutrient Percentage content
Carbohydrates thirteen.6
Sugars 12.Eight
Fibre zero.8
Potassium zero.1/2
Calcium 0.1/2
Sodium 0.006
Table 1: Nutrients and their percentage content material in a hundred mL of mango juice3

The following vitamins are also present in mango juice:

Minerals Vitamins
Zinc Vitamin A
Manganese Vitamin C
Phosphorous Vitamin E
Calcium Vitamin K
Iron Folates
Copper Vitamin B1 (niacin)
Magnesium Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
Table 2: Minerals and vitamins found in mango juice1

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Mango juice also consists of alpha and beta carotene in it.1

Mango juice includes a ton of polyphenols in it like ellagic acid, isoquercetin, beta-glucogallin, quercetin, gallotannins, mangiferin and gallic acid, which is probably the motive for its capacity health advantages we will intricate on beforehand.


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Properties of Mango Juice:
Mango juice might have the subsequent houses:

It might have an anti-cancer capability
It might be an antioxidant
It may assist defend the belly
It might have an impact against micro organism (anti-bacterial)
It might help decrease the blood sugar tiers (anti-diabetic)2
It might assist reduce allergies (anti-allergic)
It may help fight infection
It might play a role in immunity of the frame (immunomodulation)
It can also have a lipolytic (fats breakdown) motion
It might be effective against parasites (tiny creatures living in our body and causing harm to us)
It might assist towards bone resorption (dissolution of bone)
It may assist our cells against the harmful results of radiation (radioprotective)4
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Potential Uses of Mango Juice for Overall Health:
The numerous parts of mango would possibly have a capability use for human fitness. Likewise, mango juice also would possibly have the subsequent potential uses.

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1. Potential makes use of of mango juice for diabetes
Mango contains a compound known as mangiferin which would possibly have capacity effects against diabetes. It turned into noted in animal experiments that mangiferin may have the ability to decrease blood sugar level and the lipid degrees (fats). Both of these might be useful for people with diabetes. An expanded variety of cells which produce insulin was also found. Mangiferin may play a position inside the metabolism of glucose and insulin resistance. Therefore, mango juice may have the potential to assist with diabetes. However, conditions like diabetes need to be well treated with the aid of a health practitioner, for that reason, ensure which you consult a medical doctor.2

2. Potential makes use of of mango juice for kidney
In an experimental version, it become observed that in diabetic rats having kidney problems, mangiferin was useful. It was observed that mangiferin reduced the blood urea nitrogen tiers and for that reason, it can help deal with kidney harm in people. Thereby, mango juice would possibly have a capacity to assist with kidney troubles. These outcomes, but, need to be proved with the aid of further research.2


3. Potential makes use of of mango juice for the belly
Several studies have proven that mango juice would possibly have the capability to help cope with stomach associated health situations. As mango juice passes thru the body, it turned into studied that one of its active components, mangiferin, changed into transformed into various phenolic compounds. These phenolic compounds might be beneficial against positive inflammatory diseases of the stomach. It might help the stomach against sicknesses like inflammatory bowel syndrome, gastric ulcers, ulcerative colitis, and so forth. Therefore, mango juice might show off gastroprotective belongings.2

four. Potential uses of mango juice for the liver
The capability anti-inflammatory interest of mango changed into found when it comes to liver as nicely. It was visible in a ramification of studies that the bioactive components of mango juice would possibly assist towards liver infection, in all likelihood by interfering with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and galactosamine interest. In another test it changed into seen that mango juice can also intrude with the inflammatory pathways. It may also help the liver towards injury from carbon tetrachloride (a poisonous chemical), as visible in a look at carried out by Pokorski et al.2

5. Potential uses of mango juice for most cancers
Several research have been conducted on specific extracts of mango towards an expansion of cancer cells. It became located that mango juice may have components that have a capability pastime against pancreatic most cancers, colonic most cancers, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. However, there’s a want for more studies to show those outcomes. Moreover, you have to seek advice from a health practitioner for the proper diagnosis and treatment of cancer. So, make certain that you seek advice from a medical doctor and do now not self-medicate.2






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