What is Pocuki, How To View Instagram Profile?

What is Pocuki, How To View Instagram Profile?

What is Pocuki, How To View Instagram Profile? Pocuki is the perfect Instagram tool that allows account admins to easily monitor the popularity of the social media site. It’s one-of-a-kind interface allows users to promote their business in original ways.

The app provides a variety of different social media tools and also offers support for many major global networks.

Pocuki can be downloaded as a mobile app or as a web browser extension for most popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more!

When it comes to planning a potential marketing campaign on an Instagram page, Pocuki can help you track how your business’ posts are performing!

With Pocuki, you’ll never have to leave your photo-editing tab. Why? Because it’s the tool you need to check Instagram without signing up! Unlike other viewers, Pocuki lets you instantly make all those little or big edits that aren’t listed on the app itself – without being afraid of getting your account blacklisted or banned!

You can edit photos and videos with over 100 tools and options. Edit other people’s posts and profile as well. No separate sign-up needed for checking others’ Instagram accounts with this amazing online photo editor ! Now we can start making awesome pictures – rightaway!

How to use Pocuki?

Pocuki is not one, but two different tools you can use to find photos and videos on Instagram.

You can also choose to combine them in order to help you search for different kinds of instagrams like for example regular users or popular accounts.

Check photos by searching from the account

Open the web browser and search for Pocuki. This may take a few seconds as it is not a frequently used search word. You will see the website “Luca Word Processor” at one of the top results.

Click on this link to open the homepage – you should see a logo of a duck or an animal resembling a duck with your cursor over it. On this page, you should click on “News”.

Go through 4 to 5 different posts and then select any random post to open their Disqus profile page using their username found in the title of the post Now that you are on their Disqus profile page, click down to “Links to other websites” and click on “View more” You will be taken to Pocuki: Another online tool for downloading photos again where you can access over 1000 photos already stored there!

Find images using the hashtag

Like we talked about in the previous section, most people are using hashtags on Instagram because it makes you easily and quickly find what you’re looking for.

So when looking for images related to a person, place or thing, it’s best to search specifically with terms that have a close connection like: #iceland, #tgiwednesday or #NYC.

Opened the browser on your computer and searched Pocuki. You will see three options in the SERP – all, photos and tags. Now it’s time to have a look at the tags search option.

Go to the search field and type a hashtag you want to view Click on Enter by pressing Control or Command key + Enter and you will be able to see all images associated with that hashtag

With Pocuki you can make memes out of photos really fast

Here are the steps:

1) Add one image by clicking on the drop down button and going to ‘Add a Photo’.

2) The selected photo will appear in full screen mode.

3) Select a part of the image which you want to turn into a meme by using our two interactive emoticons, smiley and winking face.

4) Now zoom-in or zoom-out the image by pinching on your trackpad with two fingers, and then tap any where on the screen with two fingers. The selected area will be turned into an animated gif.

5) The newly created GIF will automatically appear in full screen size wherein you can download it at once or edit it further if necessary.

An easy method to edit a photo on Pocuki online tool

  • Pocuki is an online image editing tool you can use to download or upload images from Instagram. Best of all, it is free! With Pocuki, you will be able to modify your Instagram images directly on the web without having to use any other tools. You can also use Pocuki to resize a file in order to make it more suitable for sharing in other places like your website or blog. If editing tools are what you seek, go no further than Pocuki.
  • You can edit photos using Pocuki because it’s very useful and easier to access. In the website, you can apply different effects to your photo, crop it as per your choice and also use a number of features. This tool is very useful for editing and downloading images on your computer/laptop directly.

How to see the story without logging into Pocuki?

You can use Pocuki to follow the stories of people on Instagram in addition to viewing their photographs.

These stories disappear after 24 hours, however with a single click this’ll be saved for you in the highlights. If you want to get your hands on someone else’s story, simply go on to their profile and give it a go!

Search for a user’s profile on Instagram. This way you can do an online stalk without signing in to your own account!

Type “instagram.com/usernamehere” into your browser, and then press enter.

The user has to visit the website of Pocuki. Then he has to search for the desired username in the search box. Next, he has to select the correct username from the given options and it will display the user’s profile on a separate new window.

The user will choose the stories on this profile then it will display the stories of this user without signing in to your Instagram account.

What is the Pocuki Instagram editor and viewer?

Pocuki is like other Instagram editor tools but is also one of the best tools available online that allows you to create Instagram stories, and edit photos all within a single user friendly platform.

You can also search posts geotagged to a specific location. Pocuki also shows you the people who follow a certain user. You can even use hashtags to search for certain photos.

For example, if you search for #happy, you’ll come across all images with that exact hashtag.

A chronology of likes and comments is also available on this tool, enabling you to learn more about the interests of another user. With Pocuki in hand, it becomes easy for those who are interested in photography to download images easily!

Advantages of Pocuki

You can see others’ posts without logging in. Using Pocuki, you can easily view their followers and stories. The user of Instagram cannot check your activities. It allows users to edit images directly and download photos from Instagram is platform-independent, which means that you can access it from any device.

This is a safe tool and you will not face malware issues while using this utility. Pocuki is a perfect tool for Instagram downloader app; there are some other apps available but Pocuki seems to be the best among all.

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